Sunday, 11 January 2015


It's nearly here! The fourth Aspen Valley instalment is on its way and will be ready for download next month. To whet your appetite in the meantime, here is the cover and blurb.

For Kate Creswell, an Aspen Valley stable lass, life is looking rosy. She's landed herself a steady boyfriend in wealthy racing manager, Nicholas Borden, and her ambition to lead up a Cheltenham Festival contender looks set to be realised when grey prankster, d'Artagnan, is placed in her care.

But things are rarely what they appear on closer inspection. It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep her mother's alcoholism a secret from the well-to-do Borden family, and Nicholas mightn't be cheering on d'Artagnan for the same reasons as she - if at all. Meanwhile her erratic sister, Saskia, is intent on seducing their boss, something Kate is convinced will cost them both their jobs.

Amidst the chaos, Kate finds a friend in d'Artagnan's laidback jockey, Ben de Jager. He's uncomplicated and easy-going - a perfect match for Saskia, she naively thinks - but he's a very reluctant winner considering he's a past champion rider. So, maybe not so uncomplicated.

A lot of things can change between flag fall and finish line. Nothing is a certainty. Not in life, not in love, and not in racing.

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