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Monday, 11 August 2014

The last time I was told I had a "punchy style" it wasn't a compliment...

...I think it was during a playground fight. But, judging by the rest of this blogger's review, when Kick On! says as much, I'll take it as a compliment this time.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Aspen Valley: the long and the short of it

So here’s where I am right now. Sitting down at my computer and facing a blank screen with the lower toolbar reading Page: 1 of 1 | Words: 0 (actually that’s just gone up to 29 since I started writing this).

As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m at the start of a new book. I’ve got a stash of notes and character sketches floating around on my computer and in my brain and a rough plot to work with. Working title is Making the Running. It will be the fourth at Aspen Valley Racing Stables in what I think I’ve finally decided to make a six-book series. Share and Share Alike received a lovely review from someone yesterday who mentioned how she missed Pippa from Keeping the Peace.

I do too. I know hearing that can be frustrating as you ask “well, if you miss her why don’t you just write another book about her?” and the truth is I can only write about those characters when they’ve got something going on in their lives. Otherwise the book would be pretty boring. But like I say, I also miss Pippa so when sketching out the remaining books’ plots the idea came to me of finishing the series up where we started from and that means going back to Pippa and Peace Offering.


Since that project is still three books away, I’m hesitant to expand on much more than that (I don’t even know for sure what’s going into the book I’m writing now let alone the last in the series!). But to that nice reviewer, Danielle, this is just a note to ask you to hang in there. Pippa will be back!
If I’m brave enough I might try a multiple point of view and have all my Aspen Valley heroines feature again in the same book (but don’t hold your breath on that score. I’ve tried and failed with that technique before so there’s a good chance of it not happening).

I'll keep you posted on how things develop and of any changes which (doubtlessly) will occur.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Someone gets to play Detective with Share and Share Alike

So what's the big mystery? What about Share and Share Alike has LB Equestrian"so engrossed, promising herself just one more chapter, only to still be there an hour or two later"? And why has she decided a job in the police force is not on the cards for her?

Find out in Share and Share Alike's latest fab review below!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Interviewed on Riding and Writing by Gina McKnight

So interviews for me aren't a common occurence, but I figured I like reading interviews with favourite authors (and movie stars, it has to be said) and learning a couple of nuggets of info I'd otherwise never know. Who knows - you might find a couple of things about me interesting. Or laughable... I'll take that too.

So I bit the bullet. Gina from Riding and Writing was very gentle and offered up some questions which really made me pause for thought and aren't the usual "how many words do you write a day?"

Grab yourself a coffee or a Coke, click on the pic below, and settle back for five minutes of fun.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Share and Share Alike scores a Golden Review

Germany might have added a fourth gold star to their World Cup shirts, but Share and Share Alike goes one better with five golden stars courtesy of blogger, Dandyism.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

"What if I Hate it?" A Share and Share Alike reviewer tells it like it is

There is little better feeling for an author when someone takes the time not only to read your book, but then to write a review, one that is balanced and thoughtful and obviously had much care and attention paid both to the book and the writing of the review. Journey with a Dancing Horse pulls it off with flair in this latest review of Share and Share Alike.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Share and Share Alike gets one blogger giggling. Why?

Click on the picture below to read Gallops and Garlands' glowing review of Aspen Valley #3...

And just for the record, as this seems to be catching a few readers out, here is the definition of 'nobbler' according to the Free Dictionary:
1. To disable (a racehorse)
2. To outdo or get the better of by devious means.