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Saturday, 1 February 2014

What happens when Aspen Valley goes Freudian?

Ever wonder what happens in characters' lives after you close the book? I do. Sometimes they're so real that I feel they must surely be co-existing with me. So, curious to see what they get up to when I'm not looking, I had the characters of Keeping the Peace pay The Character Couch a visit.

Voiced by Tracy Tappan, Regan's session at Aspen Valley Stables is a bundle of laughs and a fantastic reflection of my favourite characters which you're guaranteed to enjoy.

Click the icon below to read the one-shot therapy session with Jack Carmichael and Pippa Taylor and be sure to join in the discussion afterwards. There's plenty of goodies to be won!

Friday, 31 January 2014

Giving Chase FREE Promotion!

For the first time ever Giving Chase has been made free to download (available on all electronic reading devices using the Kindle app).

But this limited offer won't last long. In a novel where winning and losing mean everything, you have little to lose and much to gain! 

Click the cover below to be taken to Giving Chase's amazon page.

Monday, 23 December 2013

"Name a Racehorse" Competition

How do you fancy having your horse feature in the next Aspen Valley book? Or maybe you just like the idea of naming a racehorse and having it immortalised in print?

All you've got to do is POST your suggestions below and LIKE and SHARE Hannah Hooton's Facebook page with your friends here.

The only rules to consider are:
1. Names cannot be longer than 18 characters long (including spaces)
2. Names cannot be the same as famous fictional or real horses (for example, neither Desert Orchid nor Black Beauty will be winning at Aintree).

Thursday, 5 September 2013

At Long Odds FREE Promotion

It's the last day of the sales so hurry over to amazon to snap up the bargain of the season! At Long Odds is on a FREE promotion today from your local amazon site. Readable on all electronic devices using the free Kindle app, this racing romance will leave you wanting more. "A must read!", "This book has it all!" "A great discovery!" "One of those books that makes you smile when you get to the end." These are just some of the thoughts of those who've left reviews for At Long Odds. At an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it is literally a giveaway. With a whole lot to gain, what have you got to lose?

Click on the amazon link that matches your region below and don't waste another second. The clock is ticking on this free promotion.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Have you read At Long Odds, Keeping the Peace or Giving Chase? Did you enjoy them? Then share the love! Let the world know by leaving a review on amazon here.*

What do you get out of it? If you leave a review during the month of June, then head over to the Contact page just above this post and ping me a message with the subject heading JUNE MUG COMPETITION and your name and choice of mug in the message field, and you'll get a FREE entry into the prizedraw for these fantastic mugs.** Ever wanted to wrap your fingers around your favourite hero and get a warm feeling course through your body?
You can do that with one of these great coffee mugs! You get to choose from three designs for the three different books: At Long Odds, Keeping the Peace or Giving Chase. The more reviews you leave*** the more chances you have of winning!




*Competition closes 30th June, 2013. Winners will be announced 5th July, 2013.
**NOTE: If reviewer fails to use contact page to notify me of their review, then be aware that they will not be entered into the prizedraw.
***Entries are limited to four per person (one per publication, plus the new Box Set Edition of all three books). Duplicate or fake reviews will be spotted by amazon and removed, making a fake entry defunct.


Monday, 13 May 2013

Equestrian Trade News calls Giving Chase "Intriguing and Beautifully Crafted"


You can't beat a good read, and Giving Chase by Hannah Hooton is just that, writes Liz Benwell.
Based behind the scenes of National Hunt racing, with a romantic storyline, it's a pleasure to turn the pages of this relaxing yet intriguing novel.

What sets it apart is the author's obvious intimate knowledge of racing and horses. If you've ever ridden a horse, but never a racehorse in a race, Giving Chase lets you experience the feeling.
The horses' characters, foibles and frailties are beautifully crafted too. There are even one or two equestrian tips to pick up.

Above all, thanks to Hannah Hooton's fun, fluent and occasionally flippant turn of phrase - she sometimes appears to poke gentle fun at the romantic genre - make this a most entertaining volume.
If there's nothing on TV, this is the solution!

Giving Chase won the Best International Romance in the 2012 Some King of Wonderful Awards. Hannah Hooton is a self-published author whose other novel is Keeping the Peace.

Giving Chase is in paperback [345 pages] and retails at around £9.99 [Kindle price £2.99]. Trade enquiries are welcome. - Liz Benwell, ETN

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Series Order and Chaos

I've been getting asked more and more frequently these days "Is there a specific order to read your books?" and "Are they all part of a series?" and then they look even more confused when I reply "Yes and no."

So here's my attempt to explain the "order" of my chaotic series.

So far, I've written three racing romance novels: 1. At Long Odds, 2. Keeping the Peace, and 3: Giving Chase.

I'm hesitant to say they are all part of a series because the main characters differ from book to book, and in fact the racing disciplines also switch. BUT they are linked by the same timeline and usually cover one racing season each.

British racing is split into two "seasons": the flat season and the jumps season. The flat runs through the spring and summer, and the jumps run through autumn and winter (more or less).

So At Long Odds kicks off in the springtime of - let's say, Year 1 and covers the flat season until the end of summer. Keeping the Peace then picks up the reins in the autumn of Year 1 and covers the jumps season. Now it isn't unthinkable to read Keeping the Peace before At Long Odds because it is a whole new season in a whole new environment, BUT it is advisable to read them according to the timeline because there are little references in Keeping the Peace of At Long Odds when characters reappear in small cameo roles, and those potentially could act as spoilers.

Keeping the Peace and Giving Chase are a little easier to explain. Giving Chase covers the jumps season in Year 2, and while the main characters shift priority, it is very much set in the same world so there are many more spoilers if read out of sequence. Because of this they are categorised in the "Aspen Valley Series".

At the time of writing this there are plans for many more racing romance books, with the horizon dominated by the next novel to be published, the third in the Aspen Valley Series. After that I plan to return to the flat racing world and the characters of At Long Odds to continue that saga (which, just to confuse you some more will be called the "Caspian Chronicles").

So, if you want to get the most out of the books, here is the order I would advise reading them in:

1. At Long Odds ("Caspian Chronicles, Book #1")
2. Keeping the Peace ("Aspen Valley Series, Book #1")
3. Giving Chase ("Aspen Valley Series, Book #2")
4. Share and Share Alike [working title] ("Aspen Valley Series, Book #3")
5. Designer Genes [working title] ("Caspian Chronicles, Book #2").

Hopefully, that will have made things a little clearer... or maybe confused you even more. When in doubt go by the list just above this!

Thanks for reading.