Thursday, 31 July 2014

Aspen Valley: the long and the short of it

So here’s where I am right now. Sitting down at my computer and facing a blank screen with the lower toolbar reading Page: 1 of 1 | Words: 0 (actually that’s just gone up to 29 since I started writing this).

As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m at the start of a new book. I’ve got a stash of notes and character sketches floating around on my computer and in my brain and a rough plot to work with. Working title is Making the Running. It will be the fourth at Aspen Valley Racing Stables in what I think I’ve finally decided to make a six-book series. Share and Share Alike received a lovely review from someone yesterday who mentioned how she missed Pippa from Keeping the Peace.

I do too. I know hearing that can be frustrating as you ask “well, if you miss her why don’t you just write another book about her?” and the truth is I can only write about those characters when they’ve got something going on in their lives. Otherwise the book would be pretty boring. But like I say, I also miss Pippa so when sketching out the remaining books’ plots the idea came to me of finishing the series up where we started from and that means going back to Pippa and Peace Offering.


Since that project is still three books away, I’m hesitant to expand on much more than that (I don’t even know for sure what’s going into the book I’m writing now let alone the last in the series!). But to that nice reviewer, Danielle, this is just a note to ask you to hang in there. Pippa will be back!
If I’m brave enough I might try a multiple point of view and have all my Aspen Valley heroines feature again in the same book (but don’t hold your breath on that score. I’ve tried and failed with that technique before so there’s a good chance of it not happening).

I'll keep you posted on how things develop and of any changes which (doubtlessly) will occur.


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